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Overseeing Lawn Care Guide

By: Sydney Richter

Overseeding lawn care guide

Is your lawn looking faded, dry, and tired? Can’t seem to get rid of those unsightly bald spots? Overseeding your lawn will give it the boost it needs and help it to look beautiful for years to come. Read on to learn more about overseeding lawn care!

What is overseeding?

Lawn overseeding is the process of adding seed to areas of existing grass that need extra attention, such as bare spots. Overseeding your grass adds more color, thickness, and introduces enhanced varieties of grass to your lawn, among many other benefits.

Overseeding will fill in those pesky bald spots, improving your lawn’s overall appearance and enhancing its’ ability to fight off insects and diseases. And now is the best time to do it.

In the Northeast, mid-august to mid-September is prime time for overseeding. Since the ground is still warm around this time of year, the seeds will germinate faster. As the air cools in September, it will create an environment for the young grass to thrive; giving it several months to grow strong before the freezing winter arrives.

Why overseed your lawn?

If your lawn suffered from drought or insect or disease damage this summer, overseeding is a great option for you.

Introducing newer, improved types of grass that resist drought, disease damage, and pests is a crucial to achieving a healthy lawn.

Benefits of Overseeding

Reduce Erosion: A densely planted and overseeded lawn will ensure that soil and water remain in place at the root zone, reducing run-off and soil loss. This will improve the overall health of your lawn, allowing it to absorb the nutrients and moisture it needs to thrive.

Chemical-Free: Proper irrigation and overseeding eliminate the need to apply chemical fertilizers or pesticides to solve lawn problems. A healthy lawn will be able to combat pests on its own.

Improve Appearance: No one wants to look at a patchy, scrappy lawn. Create a more inviting lawn by filling in brown patches and dry areas with fresh seeds.

Fight pests and disease: A healthy lawn is the secret to reducing pests and diseases. Opt for seeds that require little water and are disease resistant. Pro tip: a mix of seeds with lawn daisies attracts pollinators and good insects.

Increase thickness: Looking for a lush carpet of lawn? A well-timed batch of seeds will transform your dying lawn into a thick field of green. A thicker lawn is more durable and has the ability to withstand more foot traffic and environmental stress.

We’re Here to Help

We will give your grass the perfect head start for the spring. At Autumn Hill, we carefully aerate your lawn before planting seeds to allow nutrients and grass seed to penetrate the soil.

Our advanced equipment will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and more effectively than a rake and seed spreader. Make it worth your investment and ensure the job is done right.

Have questions about how overseeding can help your landscaping? Give us a call to learn more.