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Grounds Maintenance

A well planned and properly executed landscape maintenance program provides the necessary impact of curb appeal to your property. From single and multi-unit communities to corporate, industrial and retail centers, Autumn Hill has been exceeding expectations and proving dependability and quality.

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Landscape Development

General contractors, construction managers, builders and developers have all relied on Autumn Hill for our experience and capability. We have the tools and resources to provide the most complex projects their landscape installation and construction component.

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Commercial landscaping service drainage ditch. Laying a drainage pipe using rain drainage sewage pipe and box. Earthwork.

Drainage & Water Management

Drainage plans are vital for any landscape design. It could consist of an elaborate plan with a catch basin, large and small diameter pipe, sump pump, French drain, gravel and head walls. Or, it could be as small as just for a small exposed area.  Water is obviously a necessity for a healthy landscape, but you need to know how to properly distribute this resource to prevent issues.

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HOA community summer landscaping checklist

HOA & Community Associations

For over 25 years, we’ve been building relationships, solving problems and working hard to help Associations establish first-rate communities while maximizing property values. Knowledgeable and well versed in the vital role associations play, Autumn Hill can help create a community that truly shines.

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Autumn Hill Irrigation

Whether for your residence, or for your commercial property, our irrigation systems make it easy to ensure the vitality and vibrance of your landscape, adding aesthetic beauty and value to your real estate investment.

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Plant Healthcare

Designing and installing your landscape plan is only the beginning. To maintain the health (and beauty) of your plants, we offer a comprehensive year-round plant health program.

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Snow Removal

Autumn Hill snow and ice removal services help you keep your property safely maintained for customers, employees and guests.

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Arborist Service

Trees are a central part of any landscape plan. But too often, they are planted and forgotten. Regardless of their age or size, they can be a substantial liability during a wind, rain or snowstorm.

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