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End Of Summer Landscaping Checklist

By: Sydney Richter

Contrary to popular belief, summer lasts from July to September, and you should treat your property accordingly. Make sure you check off all these boxes on your summer landscaping checklist to ensure your landscape is ready for the cooler months.

Service and Clean Lawn Care Tools

Make sure your lawnmower is in good condition for storage after heavy use in the summertime. A lawnmower service will include blade sharpening, an oil change, and spark plug inspection, depending on which type of lawnmower you own.

Trimmers and pruners should also be cleaned and oiled where needed. A new string or wire on your trimmer will make a huge difference. Shovels can also be cleaned and inspected for cracks and weak points. Make sure you store them in a dry storage place to protect them from rust and damage.

Clear Your Yard

No one wants a messy yard. August can turn your landscape into a jumble of debris and brown plants. To avoid this, remove dying portions of your plants as the month progresses. Clear any poison ivy, mulch your plant beds, prune roses, trim overgrown hedges, and remove any tree stumps or boulders.

Please make sure to contact us for any assistance.


As I’m sure you’re aware, the summer season is prime time for pesky insects. Make sure to keep an eye out for insects that will destroy your precious landscape. Watch out for brown spots, and if the roots of the dead grass look rotted, it’s likely due to a pest problem. If the roots are still intact, it is probably due to a water issue, and you should make sure your lawn is properly hydrated.

Attract good bugs that will serve as predators for harmful pests, pollinate your plants, and aid with soil aeration for your property. Some of these insects will help to preserve the beauty of all your hard work. We are always here to find the best solution is for you.

Outdoor Spaces/Porches/Decks

Don’t forget to repair your outdoor spaces for late summer and fall entertainment. Spruce it up with some new outdoor lighting or decor, and make sure to do a safety check.

Polish up your paths and patios! Don’t let winter destroy your hardscaping. Any cracks or must be sealed to avoid damage from ice or harsh winter weather. Keep your walkways perfect now, while you can still enjoy your landscape!


The end of summer is perfect for seeding your lawn. Re-seeding and overseeding can bring your lawn back to life after the tough summer months. The temperature drop will give your new grass the perfect opportunity to grow plush and green through autumn. As the cool fall rolls around, there will be fewer insects and weeds to prevent the growth of your lawn. Seeding might be one of the easiest things for homeowners to do, and we are here to help!

Please contact us with any questions about your landscape maintenance to make sure you’re prepared for the fall season.