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Mosquito Season is In Full Swing

By: Sydney Richter

Now that Brood X is waning, we are facing another pest concern. We are wrapping up National Mosquito Awareness Week with a warning; the mosquitoes are here, and their unavoidable presence will not subside anytime soon.

The Stats

The Philadelphia region is no stranger to mosquitoes. In fact, Terminix has listed Philadelphia as one of the top 25 cities most impacted by mosquitoes, and the threat is projected to grow.

Mosquitoes are lingering longer than usual because of climate change. Mosquitoes thrive between 50- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit, rising temperatures encourage their arrival. According to Climate Centra, a group of scientists and journalists have predicted the number of mosquito-friendly days to increase in the Philadelphia region.

Climate Central discovered that mosquito days have increased in 64% of the U.S. locations in their study. The most significant increases occurred in the Northeast, Pacific Coast, and Ohio Valley.

The more mosquitoes can thrive in our environment, the more the risk of mosquito-borne disease increases, as they carry pathogens that can infect both humans and animals.

Dangers of Mosquitoes

 If you have a hunch that mosquitoes are more attracted to you than others, you may be right. According to research, 20% of the population is bitten by mosquitoes more than others.

In addition to collective resentment of mosquito bites, they actually pose a significant danger, with their potential to infect and spread diseases to you and your pets.

The types of pathogens that cause diseases vary depending on the species, but the insects are commonly known for spreading the West Nile Virus and heartworm. Difficult to prevent, mosquitoes must be avoided as much as possible, and we must spread awareness of the potential dangers they pose.

Not only do mosquitos present a threat to our health, but they are also a massive public nuisance. The initial mosquito stages need water to survive, which poses major rain and drainage issues for your property. Any surfaces with the potential to hold or carry water could become a problem. 

The appropriate measures for eliminating mosquitoes depend on their current stage of development. For example, removing standing water will kill immature stages (egg, larva, or pupa), while you can target adult mosquitos with insecticides on your trees, bushes, and plants.

While we recommend our services for an effective treatment, there are a few preventative measures you can take to lessen the nuisance:

  • Drain your rain gutters
  • Maintain window and door screens
  • Remove vegetation/debris from water sources
  • Remove objects that may hold water
  • Frequently change water in pools and birdbaths
  • Keep your lawn freshly mowed
  • Fill holes in your yard or property that hold water

We’re here to help!

We are equipped with the knowledge and technology to eradicate your mosquito problem once and for all. If you’ve noticed mosquitoes lingering on your property or are looking to take necessary precautions, contact us!